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The world is in your FACE

Facetrom's research team dedicated years to understand the relation between the human face and the biological system.

We found out that there is a close relationship between the two. After further research, we realized that the biological system affects our behavior – therefore, we analyzed the relationship between facial structure and people’s decisions. To achieve this, we had to delve into the facial structure and understand its meaning. We would like to give you some key facts we discovered during our fascinating process.

The human facial structure is determined at embryo stage in the uterus at the age of 7 weeks.

The facial structure is shaped by our internal biological systems (e.g. Immune system). Our biological systems status, as well as their strength affect our appearance (see Facetrom blog).

The variety of human faces helps us to recognize our family, distinguish our friends from our enemies and even receive signals from a potential spouse. For example - when looking at someone for the first time, we conclude on the first impression after 0.39 seconds. Someone next to us looks at the same person and gets a totally different impression. How can it be? Why does it happen?

In order to understand the relation between facial structure and biological systems, Facetrom created a biological profile to help people make optimal decisions after conducting a comprehensive research.

IMPORTANT - the entire research process disregards people's racial indicators such as skin color, hair color, eye color etc.

During the research, Facetrom examined more than 1,000 subjects from various demographic layers, personal status, and geographic locations. The subjects were picked from 7 different academic institutes as well as comprehensive internet search to recruit a population from different demographic locations. Facetrom examined and tested more than 200 facial features and analyzed their biological parameters and their selection process. The results are amazing - we discovered the key parameters influencing decisions.

For example - When we tested users for spouse selection, we discovered the key parameters considered when selecting a spouse and how we define attractiveness in practice.

As we all know - men and women are different and therefore the results are aligned with that assumption. Our results indicate that women measure attractiveness using twice as many parameters compared to men.

Facetrom's results reveal the reason which makes one person consider someone attractive (while other people in the same room might disagree). Now we understand why people's biological needs make them behave the way they do and be attracted to certain people.

Facetrom predicts at 89% level of accuracy the biological matching between people only by their looks.

The results are valid worldwide regardless of culture, race, religion, geographic location etc.

These results are applicable in a range of ways such as spouse screening, teammate selection, the match between team and potential team leader and even improved commercials.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us

To make things more fun we demonstrate the conclusions of the research in an app allowing you to test your biological match with everyone. Want to give it a try? You want to find out who is your biological match?

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