Facetrom is a ground-breaking technology, set to change the world as we know it. We’re sure you have questions, and we’ve got answers. Read our FAQs to learn more about Facetrom. 


What kind of photos can Facetrom analyze?

Facetrom technology is designed to focus on facial photographs. For maximum accuracy, the person’s face should be as front facing as possible. Photos should also be a minimum of 300 pixels and 100 Kb. The better the resolution, the greater the accuracy of the analysis.

How do I upload photos?

There are 3 simple ways to upload photos: 1) Login to "My Test" and upload photos manually from your devices. 2) Login to "Let's Cooperate" and with a few lines of code, you can integrate SPS with the API. Then ask the relevant questions and upload the number of photos you wish to. 3) Login to "Let's be partners". Facetrom has created a simple way to integrate the cloud and SPS algorithms. With the algorithms in the cloud, all the photos will be analyzed and vital information will be provided. Using this process, your company will not lose potential customers and revenue. The process is automatic and secure and will enable you to offer personalized and customized solutions.

Is SPS technology suitable for global use or a specific race group?

SPS is designed to work with all nationalities and races. The fundamental biology and how people choose things is the same across all humans. This was actually proven in a study by Prof. Buss who studied 37 different tribes from different races and locations that all chose in the same way. An example of this was a male from an Amazonian tribe who succeeded to predict the health and fertility of a western Caucasian female without knowing her health conditions or age.

Do I need something else other than a facial photo?

No, we only need a facial photo in order to make a "biological match".

Is SPS accurate?

When the quality of the photo is good, SPS has an accuracy of 89%.

Is the SPS technology scientifically proven?

Yes. Extensive studies and research have been performed using Facetrom SPS. Please visit our blog and case studies to learn more.

Which academic disciplines does Facetrom belong to?

Facetrom incorporates a multitude of disciplines and fields of science including: - Evolutionary psychology - Phenotype - Dysmorphology - Machine learning - Deep learning - Artificial intelligence - Data science