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  • What kind of photos can Facetrom analyze?
    Facetrom technology is designed for human facial images. For maximum accuracy, the person’s face should be as frontal facing as possible, with neutral expression. Common image formats are supported, and the resolution of the images should be at least 300 pixels per axis.
  • Is Facetrom technology suitable for global use or a specific race group?
    Facetrom technology has been designed to work with all nationalities and races. The manner of which people choose things may differ among regions and societies, however fundamental biology components and the way they are reflected in one’s face morphology and personality traits is rather common for all human beings. All humans have the same operating system (i.e IOS).
  • Is Facetrom technology accurate?
    The accuracy is ~85%, given that image quality is good.
  • Is the technology scientifically proven?
    Yes. First, the technology heavily relies on extensive research conducted and thousands of papers published globally in the last decades. Second, the technology has been thoroughly verified and tested, by Facetrom as well as by customers and potential customers. Please visit our blog and read the case studies to learn more.
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