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If you are interested in applying your passion to create products that are at the cutting edge of the field of image processing and AI, then please contact us.

About ~2B adults in the world are unbanked, i.e., they practically cannot get any financial or insurance services from formal channels. The main alternative for the unbanked people to promote their life, acquire education, health services, etc. is to borrow loans from non-formal channels (P2P, NBFCs, NBFIs, etc.). Eighty-seven percent of current loans in emerging countries are received from such channels. Out of the only ~15% of loan requests confirmed, ~5% turn out to be defaults (i.e., non-paying loaners).


Facetrom has developed a pioneering technology that predicts the financial risk of a potential customer, requesting a loan. The company’s charter is helping underbanked people achieve loans and insurance, while assisting the financial institutes to largely decrease the percentage of defaults. Facetrom disregards all discriminating factors such as race, gender, age, demography, hair color and more. All images analyzed by Facetrom are anonymous, and data privacy of the subject is strictly maintained.


Facetrom is a startup located in the center of Tel Aviv. Our core technology is based upon computer vision (CV) algorithms and machine learning (ML). We are funded by two of the most influencing tech family offices in Israel, and by the owners of a large financial institute overseas.

Our current R&D team includes three PhDs (in evolutionary psychology, computer vision, electrical engineering) and software professionals, supported by external experts. We plan to triple the team in the upcoming year.

Director of Research

Job Description:

We’re looking for a passionate Director of Research to lead all Facetrom’s research activities, including computer vision, ML & DL, generation of synthetic data, recommendations and transfer of algorithms and models to the development stage.


The position has high accountability, reporting to the CEO and collaborating with other executive team members, defining the drive of our technology growth, building our core technology and infrastructure, creating and retaining highly productive and efficient teams, attracting and retaining the best talents, and supporting employees’ development.

This role is a great opportunity to make a major impact (both internally and business-wise), and take part in organizational success.



  • Define R&D strategy, technology roadmap and methodologies.

  • Conduct research and solve a variety of challenges.

  • Direct responsibility across R&D delivery domains (CV, data, AI); deliver high-quality algorithms and models on tight schedules in a fast-paced and multiple-customer environment.

  • Evaluate alternatives for algorithms and models, design and develop solutions using a variety of state-of-the-are networks and toolsets, set technical direction and quality standards, hands-on guide implementation, recommend and optimize solutions that best fit customer requirements and the company’s strategy.

  • Design our data management strategy, including resolution of domain adaptation, federated learning and support of multiple versions of data in parallel.

  • Recruit and develop the team, encourage innovation and build its culture and spirit. Grow talents through effective mentoring, coaching, succession planning and retention strategies.

  • Lead changes of work processes to optimize group performance and effectiveness.

  • As a member of the company leadership team, contribute to the company’s global leadership team, see “the big picture” and take part in building the company's roadmap.

Job Qualifications:

  • Strong knowledge and proven recent hands-on experience in computer vision algorithm development, data model research using ML & DL and modern networks and toolboxes, data structures - a must.

  • Proven experience in managing multiple-function R&D teams (designers, algorithm developers, data scientists, data engineers) - a must.

  • Proven recent experience in recruiting and scaling R&D teams.

  • B.Sc. in CS, EE or equivalent. M.Sc./Ph.D - preferred.

  • Strong leadership skills for coaching and mentoring (preferably in a start-up environment).

  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Ability to adapt to various technologies and research new concepts.

  • A true team player, with great leadership and interpersonal skills.

  • Proactive approach and “I can move mountains” attitude.

Data Scientist

Job Description:

We’re looking for a data scientist in the field of machine learning and/or deep learning, to join our data science team. Our team works on fundamental challenges within the fintech & insurtech domains that span many research domains, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Recommendations, computer vision and more


  • Conduct research and solve a variety of challenges.

  • Develop ML- and DL-based solutions for fintech and insurtech services using a variety of state-of-the-are networks and toolsets.

  • Recommend and optimize solutions that best fit customer requirements.

  • Implement research solutions to production (in Python).

  • Interface with other team members (algorithm experts, SW, DevOps), brainstorm constantly, consult AI experts whenever required.


Job Qualifications:

  • Academic degree in CS, Math, EE, Statistics or equivalent.

  • Advanced academic background in Machine Learning or Statistics.

  • Hands-on experience (in real life challenges) working as a data science researcher with a CV and ML frameworks and toolsets such as OpenCV, XGBoost, SVM, TensorFlow, PyTorch.

  • Prior experience in data transformation, data exploration (feature engineering), work with databases.

  • Very good coding and software engineering skills - Python is a must.

  • Good understanding of computer science fundamentals (e.g., algorithms, data structures).

Software Engineer

Job Description:

We’re looking for a software engineer to join our software team, and participate in the entire development life cycle.



  • Gather and translate business and product requirements into technical solutions via ongoing interaction with product and engineering teams.

  • Write well-designed, testable code.

  • Develop software verification plans and quality assurance procedures.

  • Deploying and debugging cloud initiatives, as needed, in accordance with best practices throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Document and maintain software functionality.

  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing systems.

  • Face and overcome challenges, sometimes need to handle a bit of vague tasks.

  • Need to understand the “big picture”, while walking through the small details to find the solution.


Job Qualifications:

  • B.Sc. degree in CS/Math/Physics/EE. (M.Sc. - an advantage)

  • 2+ years of hands-on development experience (a must):

  • Python or Java.

  • Databases, including knowledge of SQL, and related data stores such as Postgres.

  • Experience with SOA applications and cloud-based services. (AWS - an advantage)

  • Working experience with OpenStack, Linux/UNIX, Docker.

  • Experience in software development lifecycle, including test-driven development.

  • Creative problem-solving skills.

Sales Direct Representative (SDR)

Job Description:

We’re looking for a one-of-a-kind Sales Development Representative (SDR), who embraces challenges, is eager to learn, and is passionate about succeeding and being part of our growth.
Facetrom makes a revolution in the finance and insurance markets regarding unbanked people. We more than double the number of approved customers, decrease the fraudsters by more than 20%, and increase income by X3.

If you really want to make the world a better place, Facetrom is the right place for you.



  • Generate new business pipeline through outbound prospecting activities and inbound lead follow-up.

  • Work closely and collaborate with the company's marketing and sales team.

  • Cold reach out to potential contacts in financial and insurance organizations through multiple channels: social media, email & calls.

  • Conduct market research, provide feedback and share knowledge.


Job Qualifications:

  • 1+ years of B2B sales development (SDR / ADR / BDR) experience within a goal-oriented role. (bonus from an intense, fast-paced startup)

  • Fluent English speaker - a must.

  • Strong cold emailing / calling and qualification skills.

  • Experience with online sales tools.

  • "Hunter" type of attitude.

  • Excellent professional skills – time management, analytical, team player, highly engaged and focused.

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