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When we started Facetrom , people thought we were delusional and the technology we developed was science fiction.

There is no doubt that we developed something very innovative and that we were several years ahead of the market, this created obstacles to explaining that what we are doing is possible, and that the companies are busy trying to solve problems with old-generation technology when we offered new-generation technology solutions that had not been seen before on a large scale.

I think these days everyone understands what we were talking about four years ago. Today #Nvidia is breaking records and has become the third-largest company in the world.

In 2020 its share was worth $46 and today it is $942 (an increase of 2000%) and it continues to rise.

When we arrived at the #conferences and described what we were solving and how, some had a hard time understanding what it was all about.

Today every company notes in its presentation that it uses #AI and #ML.

In history, there were some significant leaps in humanity, such as:

The scientific revolution

The industrial revolution

The internet revolution

The cloud revolution

And now we are in the AI-revolution

Every person and company should take advantage of the new possibilities of the revolution.

At #Facetrom we use this to help people with no credit history get financial and insurance services without risk.

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