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Racism and AI, not what you thought

Morality and ethics are two of the main questions as part of the AI revolution era. There are indeed life changing questions that need to be given proper importance when developing research or furthermore, a commercial product. These subjects have been quite an issue throughout history where people used to discriminate others based on race, would hunt them down and sabotage their every move. However, in most cases, the terms evolution and genetics are mixed up and the discrimination is made based on political evolutionary background. The racist (“genetic”) discussion is brought up with no need for further discussion and it has no meaning apart from the confusion it creates. As an example, height is an evolutionary component. In different areas, people’s height is determined according to their geographical location, oxygen and other parameters. According to its needs, evolution created the perfect height for people to maximize their abilities and used the resources in the best way possible. Some might consider it a race component however, height was dictated by evolution. It is therefore a mistake to say that Flemish people are taller than other races. The correct way would be to say that Dutch people are taller than others, because in Holland there are many different races and they are all taller than the people living in a different geographical location (compared to dozens and hundreds of years of evolution, not recent immigration). The race topic is not a scientific academic matter but rather used as a basis for political statements. 5-6 million years ago, humans according to modern anatomy, appeared in Africa, the birthplace of humankind. With time, people spread around the world and ended-up dividing into the 5 largest “continental races”: Africans (south to the Sahara), eastern Asians, white Caucasians (Europe, the subcontinent of India and the middle-east), Australians and Native Americans. The movement around space created on one hand the 5 races of humans, however it is also the one which created the mixture between those five races later on. In the past hundreds of years, human races have mixed in such a way that it became extremely unique to find a person who has one genetic system which is not a combination of several human races. The genetic differences within each race is very large - often bigger than the difference between the races themselves. There is a consensus that the term “racial purity”, as well as the division of races itself, is meaningless scientifically speaking. Pure races do not exist and cannot exist due to the mobility and mixture of races over the past hundreds of years. Even though we might think that there are clear race distinctions, it does not mean it is the truth. Genetic analysis of humans will tell us a different story than racial unity. In every race there are more and less intelligent people, there are those with criminal tendencies and those with less. In every ethnic or “racial” group, there is a wide range of people with different genetics dictating their personality, skills, and behavior. If so, it is clear that there is no one race which has no criminals same as no race with no people smart enough to become doctors or engineers. While genetic variation may help to explain why one person is more intelligent than another, there are unlikely to be stable and systematic genetic differences that make one population more intelligent than the next. The race itself, when speaking about humans, is a social idea rather than a scientific one, therefore any claim of hierarchy is not a scientific argument but rather twisting science. When speaking about systems and commercial companies, we must make sure this or any other discrimination is not made, the solution to discriminating races is having an objective system which analyzes each person according to his uniqueness rather than his/her race. The AI system is a solution which can correct many existing discriminations which occur due to use of subjective systems. Facetrom’s system is composed more than 200 different indicators and is calculated according to 6500 inequalities. When supervising the indicator weights, we discovered that there is no discrimination because there is no one indicator which raises its relative weight over 5% of the total of the indicators. This teaches us that there is no one parameter defining the result of the person based on that.

Going a bit deeper, there are qualities associated with certain races, such as a wide nose for the race coming from West Africa or slanted eyes for Asian people but this indicator is no given more importance than the other 199 indicators and therefore, in spite of the morphological difference, there is not one indicator better than the other. That means that there is no discrimination between races based on the indicators. Facetrom’s system assures that there are no discriminations and that all people and “races” are equal to the commercial companies with no differences in religion, race, and gender. Cooper.s.r,.(2013),Race in biological and biomedical research, Journal List, Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med,v.3(11); 2013 Nov, PMID: 24186487 Kevin.j.m,. (2018). How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are. Princeton University Press (October 16, 2018) London.A,.(2019), Is there a meaning to race in humans, not really, Weizmann Institute Davidson Institute, August,7 Nelson.R. (2019),. Racism in science the taint lingers. Netural interational journal of science . June 25 #AI #Faceanalysis #RacismandAI

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