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Teamwork is a must!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

#Israel is a very small country. From a geographic POV, we are ranked number 151, even Burundi and Estonia are bigger than us. From a population perspective, we are ranked number 100, probably you will be surprised that even Honduras and south of Sudan are bigger than us.

From this perspective, one can conclude that our options to success are limited and our abilities probably have a glass of ceiling, right?

Well NO…

Israel has the highest number of authors per capita

Israel has the highest number of engineering per capita

The highest number of startups per capita

Israel ranks third in the World Economic Forum Innovation Rating

Israel has more unicorns than all of Europe (more than 65 unicorns)

Israel ranks number12 in the list of Nobel prize per capita (second in Chemistry per capita)

There are a lot other of achievements that I can add but the interesting question is why Israel?

There are several reasons and some books that address it such as Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle by

Nothing could have been established in this small land that was haunted from day one (16 wars and difficult operations in only 74 years) without the collaboration among people.

In every place in the world, there are many talented people with tons of IQ but this is not enough, you can’t change something if you will not work together.

In this 2020 Olympics games, the Israeli Judo team was combined by great athletes, even Sagi Muki, the world champion was in the squad. However, in this Olympics, they didn’t succeed as individuals as they planned, and they were disappointed.

Nevertheless, they didn’t give up and continued as a group for the team competition as a united team.

They won the Bronze medal 🥉

Israel has great people but what is even greater is the togetherness we have and the willingness to help each other. Every entrepreneur in Israel will tell you that these things were vital for his success.

Thanks to the Israeli Judo team that reminds us of the importunacy of great teamwork, and that there is more behind one individual success,

If you want to run fast run alone If you want to run far run together (African proverb)

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