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Santander Brasil visited Facetrom's HQ

On the 2nd of May. 2023 we had the great privilege to meet 1:1 with Santander Brasil's C-Levels and directors,

Alessandro Tomao, Antonio Pardo de Santayana, Carlos André, Andrea Almeida, Ede Viani, Elita Ariaz, Gilberto Duarte de Abreu Filho 杜博宇, Gustavo Alejo Viviani, CFA, Jean Pierre Dupui, Mario Roberto Opice Leao, Renato Ejnisman, Ricardo Gomes Bretas de Oliveira and Vanessa Lobato

Thanks to Tel Aviv University and Tel-Aviv University - Lahav Executive Education and Udi Aharoni for hosting us and to Amcham-Brasil and Camila Moura, Giselle Hipólito, and Barbara Beatriz Maia who organized this great and interesting meeting.

We discussed innovation, anti-fraud, unbanked people, how to create opportunities for the ones that do not have it today, and what we think will be in the future.

To be continued...

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