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Facetrom's Research

Researches from evolutionary psychology and neurobiology proved that the androgens are influencing the embryo during the pregnancy, the androgens influence the nerve system, immune system, personality characteristics, physical structure, behavior and almost all sides of the future life of the embryo.

The last studies proved that the physical structure reflects the embryo androgens during the pregnancy, in fact the way of the physical structure design is because the amount of androgens that the embryo was exposed. Therefore, it is possible to measure the basic condition of androgens and immune system through the physical structure in humans.

Facetrom relies on researches from the best universities in the world and with a lead of two Ph.D specialist. Facetrom make an own research that has amazing results about how to measure biological parameters through the physical structure. Facetrom make one step forward and the revolutionary technology successfully to measure the biological parameters by a regular photo.

Facetrom unique research proved that with the revolutionary technology it is possible to find the best life partner from the biology side only by a regular photo. The research success to make matching between people only by a photo at 89%.

The studies show that the preferences are universal and they are crossing cultures, races, geographic, economic, religious and political perspective.

Facetrom could match and predict the best decisions for people in many platforms and applications.

Facetrom is the only company in the world that could match and predict the best choosing for people only by a photo.

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