Social networking or social not working?

Facetrom SPS Social – Find the right partner!

Our lives involve interacting with people daily and we are always faced with having to make decisions about selecting the optimal partner; business partner, travel partner, roommate, babysitter and even a therapist or coach.

While social networking has provided a foundation where we can interact with others globally, and develop new friendships, partnerships, and relationships, this does not improve the accuracy of our decision making and selections.


In fact, with such a wide choice of different people available, our decision making becomes a lot more challenging.

With Facetrom SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS you can now find biological matches between people, which is based on brain activities and connections; from a single facial photograph, 89% accurate profiles can be created.



A big part of social networking involves users looking for new connections and meeting new people.


SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS recommends appropriate connections to users based on their biological makeup. This results in a higher impact and more successful connections, enabling users to increase their friend's list with ease.


Finding the right coach or mentor is not an easy task. You need to find someone that you can trust and feel comfortable with as you open yourself up and share the intimate details of your life. When you trust the coach, you are then more likely to be open to their advice and suggestions about how you should be living your life.

SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS finds your optimal coach or mentor based on their biological makeup. In this way, an optimal match is created, with a stronger bond of trust. It is this bond that enables users to make the necessary changes, achieve their goals and live a more productive and successful life. 

Getting treatments, therapy and sharing your problems, are healthy, however, it is vital to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with and one whom you can trust. The fact is, your heath is important and to simply place this into the hands of a random therapist, is dangerous. Your problems need to be dealt with by a professional that truly understands you, right down to your biological parameters.


Let SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS find the optimal therapist for you and get yourself the right kind of help. 

A roommate is not simply a person who sleeps in the next room. A roommate is someone who shares your living space; your kitchen, toilet, and living room, and they will likely be in your space more than any other person in your life. Choosing the wrong roommate happens all too often.

SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS will check the biological match and will find your optimal roommate to ensure that living together in the same place will be convenient and comfortable.  


Children are the most important in people’s lives so leaving them in the care of others can be daunting. The babysitter you choose to take care of your children needs to be trustworthy and someone that can give you peace of mind that your children are in good hands.

SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS will find the optimal babysitter for your children based on their biological parameters and the biological parameters of the parents. This will ensure that the right babysitter is taking care of your children because it will affect your baby’ behavior and the babysitter’s engagement and responsibility, which will give you a secure feeling every time you are away from your precious children.


Traveling around the world is fun and exciting, enabling you to discover new and enchanting places and to experience new things.

SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS will find the optimal travel partner who will be the perfect match for your travel adventures.  There is nothing better than exploring the globe with someone you can trust, who shares the same interests as you and who creates a relaxed atmosphere.


SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS will find your travel soul mate.


A business partnership can be tricky, especially since you are sharing a financial responsibility that you do not have full control of. Your business partner needs to be someone you can trust, and someone you can rely on and communicate with to avoid conflict and financial loss. Partnering with someone in business based simply on luck is like putting your life in someone else’s hands – don’t do it.

SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS will let you know how effective the communication will be between you and your business partner, and will provide you with valuable information and insight regarding your partnership. Having this information is priceless and will prevent you from entering into a risky business venture. 

SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS analyzes the biological parameters of both business partners and predicts with up to 89% accuracy, how effective the partnership will be. SPS SOCIAL NETWORKS will find the optimal business partner for you.