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Part one: From idea to $1M seed round – through architecture projects perspective

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Our founder & CEO, Peleg Ido wrote a series of short 4 articles (up to 1000 words - 5 min read) how to raise $1M for a startup company from an architecture project perspective.

The articles are:

1. Company Establishment = Villa Rotonda / Palladio 2. Developing the idea = Guggenheim museum Bilbao / Frank Gehry 3. Market Fit Analysis — The Color Work / Luis Barragán 4. launching an MVP and raising seed above $1M- Villa Savoye / Le Corbusier.

Since childhood, one of the things that most interest me was shapes.

What are their forms, how they fit into space and why they exist in general?

I studied architecture, graduated with honors and my final project “Shattering the Golden Calf” has been chosen as 1 of the best 15 outstanding final projects in Israel in 2013.

I also studied Chinese medicine (TCM) to understand the architecture of the mind and body.

Today I am the founder and CEO of Facetrom, which specializes in analyzing a person’s facial structure (shape) and predicts their potential behavior. Furthermore, the company predicts which person would appeal more to another person, according to their facial structure.

In this series, I will publish 4 short articles, each presents how an architecture building reflects a stage of a Hi Tech company (Facetrom).

I will analyze and demonstrate the analogy between the architectural project and the state of the company.

Part one:

Company Establishment = Villa Rotonda / Palladio

Villa Rotanda Built in the 16th century, the era of the classical architecture which was a continuation of the Renaissance, the period of flourishing in art and innovation,

The Architect Palladio relied on Da Vinci’s writings in designing that were unique in form and innovation.

Villa Rotanda was built perfectly symmetrically, all facades were identical in size, proportions and materials.

Defining the perfect in art is defined by the fact that nothing should be added to the work and nothing should be taken out. Therefore, this work is considered perfect.

The perfection of the facades, the “stage” on which the structure sits, gives it even greater importance.

Initially, when I designed the company, the divisions shared the same level of importance, they were all equal in their value. The same with the facades.

The pages such as the ones in the business plan and Excel, absorbed everything and with the help of the formula in the pages that were written, everything seemed perfect and promising!

The need for technology, marketing, management, and recruitment is all equal and without one part it is never complete.

By this “perfection” the first funds can be raised = “Seed money”

I divided the company’s structure into four main facades:

  • Sales

  • Technology

  • Marketing

  • Business / Management

Villa Rotadna is the splendor of proportions and shapes.

The three basic forms are:

square, circle and triangle.

Usually, it is almost impossible to put all three forms into one piece and consider it perfect.

In Villa Rotanda, there is a triangle which is a final form and yet there is also a circle that is an infinite form. The use of the three forms is a difficult and complex task, and in fact, can be almost impossible to define in a world where design has become very fast compared to planning in the past. An architect had one project at a time or a few projects based on the timeline of the construction that was long.

Today, with the ability to design hundreds and thousands of simultaneous architectural projects, the ability to achieve a perfect creation is almost impossible.

When you establish a company, you believe that the three forms can be combined together to achieve perfect harmony.

The square which is the basis includes:

Management, business, fundraising, Recruitment, etc.

The triangle is similar to the foundation of the technology, with the least changes.

The circle that is the “edge” of the structure is like the marketing and selling paths, it empowers the beauty of the triangle and square. It glories the whole shape.

The concept of Villa Rotanda is a combination of architecture history, between the Pantheon and Parthenon, the two most iconic buildings in the world.

Facetrom’s idea rests on two iconic verticals in the tech industry; face recognition, using objective information without the need for any other information, and the idea of personalization and customization with technology.

“Perfect ideas” in 99.9% won’t be perfect when executing them into reality. Meticulous planning is important and should be done before you begin executing the planning because at the time of execution things change and a coherent idea cannot exist in reality. Nevertheless, a perfect idea will become an imperfect but feasible.

Villa Rotanda was wonderfully designed but there are parameters that are missing from it to become perfect just as a business company cannot be perfect.

  1. Identical facades actually ignore the environment, geography and benefits of the climates, and spiritual direction. The north facade and south facade should be different; the southern sun can revitalize the building with direct light and if we ignore this fact we “lose a life” from the structure, preventing the ray of sunshine to enter the building, or cause the northern facade to die on in its opacity. With identical facades, we will always disregard the advantage of one, and ignore the problem of the other.

  2. The central curved section of the building maintains the art and movement of the space, but the question is, whether a private place (house) and not a large cathedral, should have a central part which does not have an active and practical use? Whether the central circular space produces a positive experience, or does the void threatens the people inside the building? Will the steps in the walking space heard by the echo increase the sound of emptiness and loneliness? Does a business have to create an echo that has no practical meaning except a wow effect? on the one hand, it can be seen very impressive (design wise) but in practice, when the product starts working, the echo is unsettling when experiencing it more than once (living there).

In conclusion:

1. Perfect planning is a prerequisite for the imperfect when executing the idea.

2. The difference is a blessed and a necessary thing, there is no such thing as two people which are the same, and no need for each division of the structure /company to be the same.

3. Beauty is supreme, but a beauty that does not allow its use over time, becomes a disturbing thing that prevents the work from making it perfect. The useless beauty produces an ugly hump.

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