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Facetrom's CEO & Co-founder, Ido Peleg has been interviewed for the leading accelerator in I

What if we’ll tell you that by a sole image of your face, it is possible to evaluate your intelligence, optimal spouse, kind of sport, and the chances that you’ll commit fraud in the future?

Peleg Ido, the Co-founder & CEO of Facetrom is claiming exactly that. With a team of two Doctors in Photogrammetry and Psychological evolution, they’ve managed to develop a technology of facial analysis and predict users behavior and abilities at 90.4% accuracy without any additional data, discrimination or proliferation, and with100% privacy.

As a former architect, Ido was part of the admission committee of the Architecture faculty. He was intrigued by the different ways he and the other committee members gave a different evaluation to the same candidate. He wanted to understand how and why the evaluations differed and varied from the same objective parameters.

After winning the best international Fintech startup for 2019 by CIAB Brazil a month ago, we had a chance to have a nice cup of coffee with Ido and chat about his challenging entrepreneurial journey.

“The amount of No’s you can get as an entrepreneur is enormous and entrepreneurs must learn how to deal with it. Perseverance is a must”.

About EISP Ido said, “We got every help we needed. From design partners for pilots, legal consultation, mentors, daily planing and most importantly a great home to return to for testing new ideas, brainstorming and any help you may think of.”

For the full interview please contact us and Facetrom's team will send it to you with a big smile :)

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