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What are the 3 things we learned from the biggest Fintech conference in Brazil – CIAB 2019

It was a great honored to be invited by Febreban as 1 of 5 international startups that have been chosen to present at CIAB 2019.

Many things we have been learned during the conference, every day there were new challenges and new achievements.

There were 3 major things we learned from this conference and we feel an obligation to share it with our friends from the startup eco-system.

  1. Don’t spend money on building a great demo design!

We spent around $1.5K to design demo screens to be viewed in a loop on a 42-inch screen.

We spent around 20 hours designing the UX, screens flow and to produce the demo.

After an A/B testing with several clips during the conference the demo we designed was the most beautiful but the less effective.

The clip that shows the system in action was the most effective with the highest conversion rate, in the video we are showing an excel sheets and very rough design but it was the most eye catching.

This clip was so simple and good that the no. 1 News channel in Brazil “Globo” ask to interview us.

Bottom line

Don’t spend money to present what you already have, create a clip with what already exists and it will be great, trust me

  1. If you an Israeli company, shout it loud

CIAB is the biggest Fintech conference in Brazil and maybe in Latin America.

Only 5 international startups were invited to participant and 40 local startups.

Startups are looking to be one of a kind, unique, eye catching and get the attention. People have a limited capacity of attention, It’s impossible to listen to 40 startups, decision makers don’t have the time to spent even 5 min listening to each one of them. You as an international startup should do whatever you can to stand out and create the differentiation from other startups.

Israel as a startups nation has a very good reputation and differentiation, you should use it for you benefit.

Bottom line

Put an Israel flag on the booth, right something interesting in Hebrew or any other eye catching thing and let them understand that you from Israel, it’s very engaging. Be proud!

  1. “With A Little Help From My Friends”

You need some person back home that will back the team in the conference.

Usually the only connection between the team that stays in the HQ and the team that goes to represent is a Good luck wish, especially if there is a difference in time zones.

When Globo, the biggest TV channel in Brazil came to interview us they asked to analyze the reporter facial photo, in order to do it visually (because we are a B2B company) we needed some help from the people back home, we called them and woke them up.

They helped us right away with determination and willingness, they helped us so much that their output enabled 30M people in Brazil understand our technology and value proposition.

We could have never succeeded without their help at the right moment.

Bottom line

The team that travels to a conference needs to stay in in touch. You should appoint a contact person for every need of the delegation.

We learned so much, we had a retrospective and came with 60 new things that can be improved or created, if you are curious to know more you can contact us.

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