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Do you monogamous or polygamous?

What are we? Monogamous (one partner) or polygamous (multiple partners)

Among some 5,000 mammals only about 4% are those who maintain a parity relationship over long periods. And whose is Homo sapiens monogamous or polygamous? Surprisingly Homo sapiens is rare mammal that included among the 4 percent of monogamous. So, how did that happen that humans become monogamous?

In spite of the romantic look that we use to think about the couple, the reason of the monogamy lies in the evolution.

According to researchers, there are a lot of various reasons for being us monogamous. Such as avoiding harm to young males from dominating males that are not their biological fathers or because of significant efforts and resources concentration required from offspring growing up, etc.

Is it possible to identify the nature of the relationship by the outward appearance? Is it possible to know if the character is a monogamous or polygamous?

Testicular size and body size are crucial factors that teach social behavior and the nature of the company.

One of the first things to be studied in order to understand whether the society is monogamous or polygamous culture is the ratio of the weight and physical size between males and females.

As the weight differences and body size between males to females is greater, the physical behavior, violence and control become significant among males, in order to win. Male gorilla is heavy and large as two female gorillas, but has small testes size relative to the body because the competition between males is not a contest with a powerful of seeds. Finally, one male controls all harem women.

The male gorilla vs. Baboon is almost identical in size to the female Baboon. The Baboon’s competition is not physically aggressive, but consists in Seeds competition for males, so Baboon has a big testicular size relative to the body. This relation shows that in promiscuous society life is polygamists, and the male had to outreach other males by Seed quality.

What is about the human?

The average male, approximately is 20% greater in size to the average female. Besides, the average male’s testicles size relation to his body is between the gorillas and the baboons. This means that, on the one hand human male is not big enough to allow complete muscular control on females and on the other hand not equal in the size of female and so ultimate contest by seed quality is not required. Thus the human found a way of life that allows him to distribute seeds and this way of life in monogamy.

The study of the rest of the monogamous species shows that they have physiological relationships somewhere identical to ones in humans. For example, if Penguin would not be monogamy, it did not have the possibility to reproduce the offspring. Generally, one can say with respect to other monogamous species that monogamy ensures their existence.

Therefore, we see that the size ratio between males and females and testicular size teach social behavior and the way of mate choice.

Do teeth have a role in a social structure?

In a muscular control based society like gorillas the teeth have another role beyond cutting the food. The fangs are bearing weapons in the fight for females and produce threat for others. In Homo sapiens fangs have been decreased, shortened and became less sharp, since ancient times. The human fangs do not pose any threat. One of the reasons for this is because in a monogamous society, there is no ultimate dependency on violence to get females. Teeth and fangs are also indicative of the nature of social life and social structure.

Thus, the structure of the teeth indicates social characteristics, including monogamous or polygamous structure.

One can learn the physical appearance of the animals teaches the structure of society and especially the marital relationship. Their physiology was developed in order to serve the needs of the animals in the efficient and safe way they can survive.

The man is monogamous created and in order to get into a monogamous relationship one must relate to another person in such a manner that will ensure his sacrifice for This person.

The Evolution has created a set of biological connections than ensuring such biological ties, which would produce our feeling and emotion with respect to our sacrifice for another person. These emotions and feeling that were created by biology are what we call "love".

The existing of feeling of “Love” ought to enable the monogamy.

Love comes to strengthen the biologically monogamy

Neuroscientist Larry Young argues that our brains are constructed for couples’s relationships. Organs "developed the mechanism required to create an emotional bond." Romantic relations stimulate oxytocin, which is produced in intimate contact between people or animals and dopamine that is responsible for feelings of joy and happiness. Therefore love is the result of a cocktail of chemicals that are reflected couple relationship.

Is monogamy really good and important for of humans?

The study, conducted by cardiologist Dr. Amin Daoulah, found that men, having more than one spouse suffers 4.6 times often from heart diseases. There is evidence that monogamy positively affects the health. The rate of coronary artery disease (CAD) and other heart diseases is higher for polygamous men than for monogamous ones. Polygamous men were found 3.5 times increased risk of CAD and 2.6 blood vessel diseases.

The selecting of partners

Based on the physical evidence we can see that the man is a monogamous creature. Thus, there is a great importance of the partners selecting. However, how does a person know if he made the “right” choice, how he could choose over all the available options?

The article "Our Faces as a Key to Love" shows the human's ability to recognize specific and biological parameters in another person’s face. The key, as mentioned above is in the physical appearance.

Our Appearance is a "map" through which individuals can make choices such as choosing a partner.

The modern times created the selecting problem for a person since the amount of available options for a choice is getting vast the problem of a partner choice is getting worse. The growing of the world population along with urbanization and abundance of the Internet world leaves the person standing without the ability to choose. The choice from the abundance of possibilities is well known “paradox of choice problem”, that was defined by Prof. Barry Schwartz. This problem will worsen with time.

Facetrom is the special and optimal solution for the most correct choices

Facetrom analyzes the person's appearance using revolutionary technology. This technology allows to detect an optimal biological match between the people and thus recognizes the most suitable unique biological partner for each person.

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